What are the deadlines for grant applications?
Application deadlines for FY19 are:

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  • October 1, 2018 for review at the November 2018 Board Meeting
  • April 22, 2019 for review at the June 2019 Board Meeting

Is your grant-making restricted geographically?
No. As long as your organization is classified by the IRS as tax-exempt or has a U.S.-based tax-exempt fiscal sponsor, your application will be considered.

Do you require a Letter of Intent (LOI) before submitting a proposal?
No. The Foundation does not require or accept LOIs.

Do you accept applications received through the mail?
We strongly encourage all applicants to use our  online application system. Click here to access the online application.

Do you fund general operating expenses?

Do you have any restrictions on the types of grants you award?
Yes. Grants are not awarded to individuals, for building funds, or for endowments.

What is the typical grant award?
Most grants are $5,000.

We do not have 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Are we eligible to receive a grant award?
No. The Foundation only awards funding to organizations classified as tax exempt by the IRS, or to organizations that are sponsored by a U.S.-based tax-exempt organization.

Can you help us obtain a U.S. fiscal sponsor?
Unfortunately, we cannot.

When will we be notified of the Foundation’s decision?
All applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Board Members. Applicants are notified of the Foundation’s decisions via email within a week of its meetings.

Before I submit a proposal, can you tell me if the Foundation might consider the type of grant I am looking for?
Unfortunately, we are a very small foundation and do not have the capacity to preview applications. We recommend that applicants review the application guidelines and the lists of previously awarded grantees to best gauge if your project is in alignment with the Foundation’s mission and interests.

My grant proposal was turned down. Can you tell me why?
Because we are a small foundation and receive hundreds of applications annually, we do not have the capacity to speak to everyone whose application was denied. We only are able to fund a small percentage of the applications we receive each cycle.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please send your questions via email or call the office at 617-547-0444.