How to Apply

Register your organization

You only need to register once. If your organization already has a user account, you may login by clicking here. If you are unsure whether your organization already has an account, or if you need to be added to an existing account, please contact us.

1. Click on “Create a New Account”.

2. Enter the Organization information.

3. Enter the Applicant information.
Please keep track of your email login ID and password. All communication related to your organization will be directed to the person whose information is provided in this section. If you would like to have multiple users for your organization’s account, please contact us and we will create additional login credentials.

4. Enter the Executive Director information.
If the applicant is also the Executive Director of the organization, select “Yes” and the system will pre-fill the fields on this screen and proceed to the password screen. Otherwise, select “No” and follow the prompts.

5. Click on the “Proceed to Next Step” button.

6. Create a Password (case sensitive, 6-8 characters, including letters and/or numbers).

7. Retype the Password and click “Save”.

A system-generated confirmation email with the login ID will be sent to the email address provided in the Applicant information section.

Once the organization’s account is created, you will be able to edit the Applicant information, but will not be able to edit the Organization or Executive Director information. Please contact us by email to make any updates in these two sections.

Create and manage your application

After registering for a User Account, the applicant is directed to the Application Status Page. This is the homepage for the online grants management system. From this page you may apply for a grant, manage an existing grant application and/or manage your awarded grants.

Step 1. Currently, there are two applications. Before starting your request, please review the description for each application in order to decide which option applies to your organization.

Step 2. Read through the application questions. Contact the office with questions.

Step 3.    Complete the application online. You can save it as a draft and return to it at any time. Please be sure to save the draft frequently. Once submitted, the application cannot be edited. You will receive a confirmation email upon submission of your application. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by the Grants Administrator.

If you are applying for a new project or general operating support, your full proposal should include the following:

– A narrative of no more than five pages
– A detailed program or organization budget
– A list of Staff and Board members
– A copy of the IRS letter of tax-exempt determination (for your organization or your fiscal sponsor’s organization)

If you are applying for renewed funding for a project or general operating support, you will be asked to submit a brief progress report. This should include the following:

– A single page narrative that summarizes accomplishments and challenges over the past year.
– The application will also include questions about changes to your original proposal, future goals, leadership changes, and updated budget numbers.

If you wish, you are welcome to submit additional material in support of your application either online or by regular mail.

Please feel free to call or email our office at any point during the application process. We welcome your feedback, in addition to your questions.

Application deadlines for FY18 are:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Wednesday, May 2, 2018

To access the application system, click here.