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A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

Fiscal Sponsor for European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights
General Support

Alliance for Global Justice

Fiscal Sponsor for Coalition of Women for Peace
General Support

Americans for Peace Now

General Support

American Friends of Combatants for Peace

Fiscal Sponsor for Combatants for Peace

General Support

Center for Constitutional Rights

The Rhonda Copelon Fund for Gender Justice

Center for International Policy

Proposed Global Peace Coalition

Center for International Policy

Security Assistance Monitor

Center for International Policy

Building Bridges: Curbing Pentagon Spending in the New Political Environment

Democracy Now!

General Support

Downtown Community Television Center

DCTV’s PRO-TV: Free Youth Media Arts Training Program

Encounter Programs

General Support

From The Heart Productions

Fiscal Sponsor for Helen Young Productions
“The Nuns, The Priests, and The Bombs”

Fund for Constitutional Government

Peace and Security Funders Group

Global Kids

Citywide Power of Citizenry Leadership Program

Grassroots International

In the aftermath of the war on Gaza: Advancing Human Rights and Mental Health

Human Rights Watch

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Institute for Policy Studies

National Priorities Project

Institute for Policy Studies

Praful Bidwai Memorial Trust, Transnational Institute

Michigan State University

African Activist Archive Project

Miriam College

Seminar-Workshop on Peace Education

Muslim Community Network

General Support

Nautilus Institute

Avoiding Nuclear War in Northeast Asia

NEO Philanthropy

Fiscal Sponsor for Legacies of War
General Support

New Israel Fund

Fiscal Sponsor for B’Tselem
VISUAL IMPACT – B’Tselem’s Camera Distribution Project

New Israel Fund

Fiscal Sponsor for Isha L’Isha Haifa Feminist Center
Gun Free Kitchen Table

New Israel Fund

Fiscal Sponsor for Public Committee Against Torture in Israel
Legal Costs for Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

Nonviolence International

Fiscal Sponsor for Combatants for Peace
SUMUD: Freedom Camp

Peace Action Fund of New York State, Inc.

Student Organizing to Promote Youth Activism

PeaceJam Foundation

Children’s Panel on Disarmament and Human Security

Peace Development Fund

Fiscal Sponsor for Women Cross DMZ
General Support


General Support

Reprieve US

Life After Guantánamo

Rockhouse Foundation

Tablet Technology

Rutgers University Foundation

Fiscal Sponsor for Institute for Women’s Leadership
Alison Bernstein Mentoring Program

The Independent Feature Project

Fiscal Sponsor for Semilla Verde Productions Ltd.
“The Silence of Others”

The 888 Women’s History Project

Film Festival expenses for “Left on Pearl” documentary

The University of Toledo Foundation

International Institute on Peace Education

Tri-Valley Cares

General Support

Trustees of Hampshire College

Civil Liberties and Public Policy

Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace

Fiscal Sponsor for International Network of Museums for Peace
INMP “Timeline” Peace Documentation Center

University of Massachusetts Amherst/Labor Center

Summer School for Women in Union and Community Organizations, Language Justice Initiative


Fiscal Sponsor for BLB Productions, LLC
“Power to Heal: The Fight for Healthcare Justice”