Application Guidelines

Please keep in mind that we are a small foundation and receive hundreds of worthy applications every year. Unfortunately, the problems are much larger than our budget and we can only fund a small percentage of applications each grant cycle.

Please review our mission statement and list of recent grantees to assess whether or not your organization or project might be a good fit for the Foundation’s purpose and interests.

Samuel Rubin Foundation does not accept applications through the mail. All applicants must use our online application system. We accept applications at any time for general operating expenses or for specific projects. There are no geographic limitations, however organizations based outside the United States must be sponsored by a U.S.-based organization with tax-exempt status. No grants are made to individuals, for building funds, or for endowments. The majority of grants are $5,000. The Foundation typically does not award more than one grant per fiscal year per organization.

The Foundation has limited discretionary funds for smaller ‘emergency’ grants between Board meetings. We encourage you, however, to observe the regular application deadlines unless an ’emergency’ grant is absolutely necessary.