FY2014 Grantees

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A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

Fiscal Sponsor for the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights
General Support

A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

Fiscal Sponsor for the Palestine-Israel Journal
General Support

A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

Fiscal Sponsor for the War Resisters’ League International
Embrace Nonviolence Project

Alliance for Global Justice

Fiscal Sponsor for the Coalition of Women for Peace
General Support

Americans For Peace Now

General Support

Bikes Not Bombs

International Programs

Center for Constitutional Rights

The Rhonda Copelon Fund for Gender Justice

Center for International Policy

Arms & Security Project


Pieces for Peace Program

Encounter Programs

General Support

Finland Center Foundation

Hymn to the World Concert for UN Women

From The Heart Productions

“Nuclear Insecurity” documentary

Fund for Constitutional Government

Fiscal Sponsor for the Peace and Security Funders Group
General Support

Global Kids

Power of Citizenry Program

Grassroots International

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Grassroots International

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

Human Rights Watch

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Institute for Policy Studies

Peace Economy Transition Project

Institute for Policy Studies

50th Anniversary Event

International Civil Society Action Network

Fiscal Sponsor for the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders
General Support

International Commission for Labor Rights

Fiscal Sponsor for the International Association of Democratic Lawyers
Annual Congress

International Labor Rights Forum

Securing Women Workers’ Leadership

Just Associates

General Support

Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy

Educational Forum on Law’s Imperative

Mediators Beyond Borders International

Women in Mediation Project

Michigan State University

African Activist Archive Project

Miriam College

Typhoon Relief in the Phillipines

Nautilus of America

Northeast Asia-Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone Project

New Israel Fund

Fiscal Sponsor for the Isha L’isha-Haifa Feminist Center
Gun Free Kitchen Tables

New York University/Tamiment Library Archives

Estela Bravo Film Collection

New York Women in Film & Television

Fiscal Sponsor for the ARound Robin Production Company
“This Little Light of Mine” documentary

Nonviolent Peaceforce

Advocacy & Outreach

Peace Action Fund of New York State 

General Support and Student Organizing to Promote Youth Activism Project

Peace is Loud

SPEAK Peace Program

Provide, Inc.

General Support

Public Media, Inc.

Fiscal Sponsor for Patricia Goudvis, documentary filmmaker
“When We Were Young There Was A War” web documentary

Rutgers University Foundation

Fiscal Sponsor for the Institute for Women’s Leadership
Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies

San Francisco Film Society

Fiscal Sponsor for the Kevin McKiernan Productions
“Wounded Knee: A Line in the Sand” documentary

The District One Community Education Center

Fiscal Sponsor for David Goodman, documentary filmmaker
“Singers in the Band” documentary

Proteus Fund

Fiscal Sponsor for the International Human Rights Funders Group
General Support

The Trustees of Hampshire College

Undocumented Students Fund

The Young People’s Project

Great Math Literacy Workers Program

Town of Aquinnah

Gay Head Lighthouse Fund

Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace

Fiscal Sponsor for the International Network of Museums for Peace
General Support

University of San Francisco

Witness to Guantanamo

Washington Office on Latin America

Colombian Women’s Peace & Security Project

Women Make Movies

Fiscal Sponsor for the Skylight Pictures
“Anatomy of a Trial” interactive web documentary

Women Make Movies

Fiscal Sponsor for the WIMS Film Project
“Wednesdays in Mississippi” documentary

World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy

International Criminal Court Coalition